New MacBooks

The new MacBooks were announced today.

I’ve been wondering how many of the new iMacs with only 8GB of memory that can’t be upgraded that they’ve managed to sell.  The answer is now obvious:  Enough of them.

It’s a shame really.  The new Macbook is awfully close to the MacBook Air.  Only more expensive and with fewer ports.

One port.  What were they thinking?  You’ll need some sort of port multiplier to be able to charge the thing AND hook up an external drive at the same time.  Or an external display.  What if you want to hook up an external display AND have a hard drive?  USB isn’t like thunderbolt, where they’ve abstracted the entire PCI bus.

It worries me.  In the old days, Apple tried to have a Mac for every possible requirement, which led to a huge and bewildering array of Performas, Quadras, PowerMacs, etc.  With new leadership, it got cut back to a very simple equation:  pro laptop, consumer laptop, pro desktop, consumer desktop.  4 computers.  Customize the specs at time of purchase, but you’ve got 4 basic computers to start from.

Now we’re once again letting the model numbers creep up.  small iPhone, big iPhone, small iPad, big iPad, super lightweight laptop, with limited capability, pro laptop, mini desktop, all in one desktop, and pro desktop..  and now a super lightweight laptop that’s almost the same as the other super lightweight laptop.  Only more expensive, with its retina display.  And more port limited.  And with a lower end graphics package.

I know they’re very very proud of it.  I’m not sure I see that it’s a significant improvement.

The new Macbook Pros, on the other hand?  That I lust after almost as much as one of those cylindrical MacPros.