Of Apple events

At long last, after rumors that it would do everything but the dishes, the iPhone 6 was announced.  Along with the even longer awaited “iWatch.”

All around the web it’s been noticed that the watch in question isn’t an “i” at all, which will lead to the next round of press and speculation as to why that is and what it could mean and why Apple is ahead of the game or why they’re going to go out of business if they don’t put the “i” back.

I am heartened to see, however that some folks have caught onto the idea that the big thing that occurred was not the Watch, and not the ginormous iPhone 6+, but Apple Pay that is the real game changer here.

Phablets abound and have for a while.  Apple’s pandering to the market.  An annoyance for an old mac guy like me.  The slightly larger iPhone 6 has some great improvements, but again, nothing that’s not been around and nothing that will make a significant impact on the world at large.

But Apple Pay?  That’s a different ball game altogether.  As a picture on the network aptly points out, NFC has been in phones for over 2 years.  Why hasn’t payment taken off?

It will now.